Recipe for braised veal cheeks with potatoes. SIMPLE

  1. Is it difficult to prepare braised beef cheeks?
  2. The importance of the ingredients for the cheeks with potatoes recipe
  3. Is Galician veal expensive to prepare cheeks?
  4. Stewed veal cheeks with potatoes. SIMPLE
  5. Do you have extra sauce?
  6. Video recipe for braised veal cheeks with potatoes
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This braised veal cheeks with potatothey are a traditional cuisine dish in its purest essence. The cheeks are a valued piece by lovers of good stews and tender and sweet meats.

Is it difficult to prepare braised beef cheeks?

IT IS a simple recipe to prepare and with a truly extraordinary result, a thick sauce full of flavor and a meat with a tender texture like butter that will make the delights of all the guests.

You don't always have time to cook some cheeks ahead of time, that's why sometimes I do the cheeks with the pressure cooker and following the times of the recipe well, which are more than tested, a very tender meat comes out and at the right point of cooking.

The importance of the ingredients for the cheeks with potatoes recipe

There are many recipes that I publish in which I point out that this or that ingredient is unavoidable and that the recipe will still turn out well, in this case each and every one of the ingredients is necessary if we want some cheek pieces tender, exquisite and above all, accompanied by this sauce that I consider one of the "spectacular" and I say it without fear of exaggerating, this is a wonderful dish.

This cheek pieces They are a party dish, do not hesitate, perfect to prepare on a special occasion for family or friends. Follow the step by step of this recipe because it is perfect, of those that come out, as long as the product you work with is of quality.

Is Galician veal expensive to prepare cheeks?

The cheek pieces of Galician veal they are not particularly expensive, they only have one problem, they are not easy to get, so you should order them from your butcher in advance. You can even buy them any day, freeze them and use them later when you can or have occasion, I assure you that it is a type of meat that does not suffer anything in the freezing process. I always order them at the butcher's GIRL, the supermarket where I always do my usual shopping and I don't worry because I know they will be there waiting for me.

The animals to make this recipe so rich?

recipe for stewed cheeks with red wine

Stewed veal cheeks with potatoes. SIMPLE


Preparation time 30 min

Cooking time two h 30 min

total time 3 h

  • veal cheeks 2 1/2 kg approx.
  • two red chives
  • 1 White onion
  • two garlic cloves no germ
  • 1 celery without leaves
  • 3 or 4 baby carrots
  • 200 gram tomato sauce (SOLIS artisan sauce)
  • 600 ml of red wine (Rectorate of Amandi)
  • 40 ml brandy/cognac
  • 500 ml Vegetables soup you can do it with a pill or water or use an Aneto broth
  • 1 chilli optional
  • A bundle of aromatic herbs Thyme and fresh rosemary, parsley
  • Salt and ground black pepper.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • 100 gram Of flour


  • 1.5 kg dad new for pot roasting
  • Season the cheeks with salt, coat them in flour and lightly brown them in a frying pan with a little bit of hot oil, turn and turn and pass them to a bowl and set aside.

  • In a pot, pour a little olive oil, add the finely chopped onions, sauté over medium heat until transparent.

  • Add the minced garlic.

  • Add the cognac, let evaporate

  • Chop the celery very often and add it.

  • Add the carrots cut into thick slices.

  • Add the tomato, stir.

  • Salpimenta

  • Add the chili punctured on a toothpick to remove it at the end of cooking.

  • Add the broth, and the wine

  • Incorporate the aromatic herbs tied with a string to be able to remove them later.

  • Increase the temperature of the fire until it reaches a boiling point, lower the heat to medium, cover the pot and cook for 5 minutes.

  • Incorporate the cheeks and cook with the pot half covered (this means that we will leave a gap so that liquids evaporate while cooking lasts) for TWO HOURS over medium heat.

  • Remove the aromatic herbs and the chilli

  • After cooking, the cheeks must be very tender. Turn off the heat and reserve.

  • Put a splash of oil in a pot and brown the potatoes, season with salt and pepper, add 3 or 4 tablespoons of sauce from the pot of cheeks, a glass of water, cover the pot and cook for about 25 minutes or until pricking them tender. ..

  • Plate and serve

Do you have extra sauce?

Fill ice cube trays with it, freeze it, when they are frozen, unmold, store in a bag in the freezer and remember to use these tablets to enrich stews, lentils, vegetable creams, etc. You can see HERE how I make these delicious and useful stew sauce tablets. Do not leave without VALUE this recipe here below in the little stars. THANK YOU!

Video recipe for braised veal cheeks with potatoes

I leave you here this video recipe so you can easily follow it step by step:

red wine upholstered carriages

Is it so soft as butter.

The sauce is simply superb, one of those to point out. Enjoy this recipe STEWED VEAL CHEEKS WITH POTATOES

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