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  1. Peculiarities of the Arabic Mesmem
  2. Arabic Mesemen Recipe

The Arabic mesmem, is a very particular way of eating a bun, it is typical of the regions of the Middle East, where it is usually called Rghaif and in the province of Melilla, "handkerchief".

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15 Servings

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Cooking time:
5 minutes

Overall time:
1 hour 20 minutes

Bored of the same breakfasts and snacks? I have the simplest solution for you to achieve a delicious menu in a short time, how? Preparing the Arabic Mesmem, a delicious way to eat bread.

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    Place the flour and semolina in a bowl and stir it, so that both are integrated, make a hole in the center and proceed to place the sugar, salt, yeast and water.

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    We mix to homogenize all the ingredients until a dough is obtained that does not stick to the hands, if for some reason, you notice that it is very hard, add warm water little by little, until you get a moldable dough. But if, on the contrary, it is sticky, just add a few more tablespoons of flour. Remove from the bowl and take it to the counter, kneading vigorously for 10 minutes, until it is manageable and flexible.

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    Separate the dough into two equal parts and make two large balls, take them back to a greased container, cover with a cloth and leave it to rest for 15 minutes, in a place that does not hit drafts.

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    After this time, place the butter, oil and semolina in bowls, bathe the counter where you are going to spread it and your hands very well with oil, divide each ball into small balls

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    Wet each ball with oil and begin to spread it, until it resembles a thin film.

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    Proceed to place the butter with the brush and sift the semolina over it. Here begins the fun process, folding, first, fold it into three parts, until you get a rectangle, turn it over, place the semolina and butter again and fold it into three parts again, let it rest, for about 35 minutes, and do the Same procedure with all balls.

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    Heat the frying pan or griddle and place each rectangle, turning it constantly so that they brown and cook, this process will only take 4 to 5 minutes maximum, remove from the heat and serve, with the dip you prefer.

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    If you want to fill it, you must do it before taking it to the pan and fold in such a way that the filling does not come out. This delicious crepe, you can freeze it and you will have a delicious tortilla to consume at any time.

This particular roll is characterized by its circular and extra-flat shape, easily compared to a pancake, as we usually call them in South America, making them sublime and eye-catching, for its vibrant golden color and special flavor, product of butter ; and ultimately, for that crispy texture that we love.

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The Moroccan mesemen, constitutes the perfect companion in the iftar party, as it is considered a perfect dish, to culminate a long fast on the eve of Ramadan.

The Arab mesmem, is that omelette, which combines with any filling, be it sweet or salty, traditionally, in the towns of the Maghreb, it is served with caramelized onions and is the center of the tables for snacks or tea, it has become so popular , which, in the populous restaurants in the area, is served as a delicious dessert, where they are covered with mead and a soft cheese.

Peculiarities of the Arabic Mesmem

same arabicThe first thing that jumps out at you and makes it very particular is its rectangular shape of about 12 to 15 cm.

This shape is obtained by its special bending, which usually starts from a circle, and then is taken to a rectangle.

In this type of fold, two types of fat are used: Butter and oil, both hot.

The dough is made with flour and fine semolina.

Its puff pastry texture, which takes its flavor to another level.

This succulent Arabic Mesmem is traditionally stuffed with nuts, seafood, meat, chicken, lamb, chopped into pieces and using a large number of species and the one that immortalizes it, the rich caramelized onions.

▀ The traditional recipe does not contain any type of yeast or additional ferments

Arabic Mesemen Recipe

The Moroccan msemen recipe is not complicated at all to make and what I like the most is that very few ingredients are needed and it is so perfect that, without a doubt, it can compete very well with the much acclaimed puff pastry, from the French pastry chef Claude Geleé, for the texture it will acquire, like fine layers that come together delicately and harmoniously.

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But, how to obtain that flaky consistency? Simple, the Arab Mesmem recipe consists of making a dough with two types of flour (wheat and corn grits), and then stretching it out very, very flat, bathed in oil, to finally be folded over and over again on itself.

Where the amount of fatty material and the fineness of the layers of dough achieve this effect, which we love, becoming very versatile to be the base of a wonderful stew or for a delicious dessert, in particular, I usually fill it with whipped cream and delicate fruits, such as: strawberries, peaches, kiwi, raspberries and blackberries, to which I sprinkled icing sugar and I am left with a delicious bomb of flavors, which they do not stop liking, to all those who have presented them.

It is important that you also know that in the preparation of the Arabic Mesmem, the leavening time must be respected, and then proceed to flatten it finely and repeat the previous step; This excellent dough is very easy to handle, since it does not require an oven, you can do it in a flat pot or saucepan and it will only require 5 minutes of cooking, so if time is the least you have, this recipe is perfect for you; take your kitchen to another level and surprise everyone with these rolls that can be the basis for a thousand and one preparations.

With this Arabic Mesmem recipe, I say goodbye and do not miss our other recipes.

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