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  1. How to Make Homemade Bee Honey, Just Like the Ancients Did
  2. But why was honey so relevant to the Arabs?

If you like Moroccan food, then you will have to know that one of the essential ingredients in its preparations is the "Sweetie”, given its rich flavor and medicinal properties, so this section will be dedicated to the easiest way of How to Make Homemade Bee Honey, without being a beekeeper, let's learn how to prepare it.

Honey bee

Follow our step by step, and learn how to make honey at home, in a simple, fun way and with very few ingredients.

How to Make Homemade Bee Honey, Just Like the Ancients Did

As is well known, bee honey is a rich and healthy food that bees make, once they feed on the nectar of flowers, together with their own fluids, to later graze and transform, and then store it and let it mature in the combs of the hive.

Being, honey, the oldest natural sweetener that man has used, and has been the most important in Europe until the sixteenth century.

However, for many years, it has been possible to make honey, without the need for the intervention of bees, as I showed you in the recipe.

But now you will wonder how to make honey from bees, in remote times, when technology and advances were null?

I will tell you, this technique arises, in the year 500 BC, once the soldiers of Darius, in one of his conquest expeditions, make a great event, on the slopes of the Indus river, the discovery of the sugar.

Yes, our delicious sugar, white and bright! which, they discover through a particular plant, looking like a giant grass, with a solid stem, which, within its interior, contains a juice rich in sugar.

How to Make Homemade Bee Honey

Showing off their discovery, the great Persian scholars learned to evaporate the juice of sugar cane in India, managing to turn it into a kind of granulated grit, with a pleasant flavor, which was used by this people to give sweetness to their creations. of desserts and infusions.

And in the second century BC, the Chinese also stood out in their way of making homemade honey, the basis of their preparations in delicious cakes and cookies, which adorned their celebrations.

Later, Alexander the Great, spread the knowledge of sugar throughout the Mediterranean from the fourth century BC, but not its cultivation. This would arrive with the Arabs after the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century.

But why was honey so relevant to the Arabs?

How to Make Homemade Bee Honey

Undoubtedly due to its properties, it constitutes one of the fundamental pieces in the celebration of Ramadan, let's see some of them:

? Excellent for the immune system, metabolism and respiratory system.

? Helps in cholesterol treatments, given its antioxidant properties.

? Very good to treat common cold, cough and laryngitis

? A high-calorie food, a single tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories, no fiber, almost no vitamins and very little protein.

? Antiseptic and healing properties, being the preferred in case of burns and wounds

? Recommended for seasonal allergies.

? It tones the heart, since it helps eliminate fluids in people with heart conditions.

? It favors digestion, relieving different discomforts derived from heartburn and ulcers.

? Super Moisturizing, if you want a radiant and tasteful skin, then you should use honey, a simple dab on your body and you will see how you will get a smooth skin in a few weeks.

So, there are no reasons why not to use it, follow our tutorial on how to make honey and fill yourself with life and health.

And I don't want to say goodbye, without inviting you to take a look at our other articles, where you will learn how to make preparations, easy, simple and very cheap, I assure you that they are dreamed of.

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