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In Moroccan food, we are very pleased to talk about the "Ghribat", some chocolate cookies, very particular in terms of flavor and texture that will make you hallucinate, due to its surprising Middle Eastern flavor.

Origin of Cookies

Before talking about Ghribat chocolate cookies, let's learn a little about the origin and evolution of cookies over time.

Its origin is attributed to the Persians, in the 7th century BC, where they made a baked dough based on flour and butter, finely sweetened. Later, when Alexander the Great, in the fourth century BC, invaded Persia, he took this singular mass to the entire European continent, to all his expeditions, causing great acceptance among the peoples, but its spread declined due to the lack of conditions for the cultivation of sugar cane.

Over the years, this trend is reactivated in Spain, given the Muslim invasion, in the eighth century, where they were taught the art of baking cakes and cookies, its spread quickly became imminent and they arrive in France, as a strong predilection, creating the panis biscotus cookies.

Following its penetration, it reached Italian lands, in the 11th century, where the savoiardi became popular, what we know today as the soletilla biscuits, rich biscuits from the Savoy region, which are characterized by being elongated and spongy, which is why many they began to call it language.

Chocolate Biscuits “Ghribat”

During the reign of Elizabeth in England (in 1596), one of the first books containing biscuit recipes is published, The jewel of the good housewifeby Thomas Dawson.

And by the 18th century, the Germans introduced the expression koekje (small cake) in the United States, which over the years became cookie, a word that is currently given to the cookie in North America, until today. .

As expected, the variations and transformations of the original recipe of only using water, sugar and flour, were on the rise, recipes that were perfected until delicious cookies with chocolate chips, orange, coconut and by the year 1897, came out the first brownies recipe, in the Roebuck catalog.

Salty cookies such as crackers were also born, invented by Josiah Bent in 1801, as well as Nabisco (1971).

Which, shocked the world in 1912, with its filled chocolate cookies, formed by two chocolate disks joined with cream, our famous cookies Airing.

This is how other companies dedicated to this branch were born, among which are: Galletas Noel, Cuétara cookies, of Mexican origin and in the year 1937; Ruth Graves Wakefield. of Massachusetts, she invents the first chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Biscuits “Ghribat”

Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Learn how to make some simple chocolate cookies, watching these tutorials

What are Ghribat Chocolate Cookies?

Chocolate Biscuits “Ghribat”

Ghribat chocolate biscuits are from Algeria and Morocco, they are delicious, very fluffy and sweet jams.

With a somewhat hard texture and a cracked appearance, prepared with nuts such as almonds or peanuts.

These popular cookies, over the years, have varied the way they are prepared, many make the chocolate Ghribar, in a traditional way, but others have renewed their preparation with the use of spices such as cinnamon, ginger, anise, among others, achieving some very rich super spiced and flavored cookies, of course without losing its soft and fluffy essence.

Just as they have also replaced the traditional almonds and peanuts, for other nuts and sometimes combining some of them, giving truly surprising results.

Chocolate cookies

20 Servings

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time:
15 minutes

Overall time:
30 minutes

That, today, I teach you how to make "Ghribat" chocolate cookies, like a Moroccan expert, without complications and without secrets

  • Chocolate cookies

    Melt the butter and the chocolate, you can do this in two ways, either in the microwave or in a bain-marie. If you use the microwave, you must place it in periods of 10 seconds, to go little by little, making it melt, without burning, it should be shiny

  • Chocolate cookies

    Once melted, place it in a container and let it cool, then place the icing sugar and mix by hand with the mixer, until all the ingredients are integrated.

  • Chocolate cookies

    Then add the vanilla, yeast, sugar, and the eggs one by one, stir very well. Sift the flour three times and add to the preparation, until you achieve a very firm dough. Remove from the blender and cover with plastic wrap, take it to the fridge for an hour.

  • Chocolate cookies

    After that time, take it out of the fridge and add icing sugar in a container and it begins to be balls, which you must roll inside the sugar.

  • Chocolate cookies

    Place the balls on a baking sheet previously lined with waxed paper and take it to the oven at a temperature of 180º for 15 to 20 minutes or until you notice that they become cracked or cracked and ready you already have some delicious cookies with a lot of aroma and Arabic flavor.

If you liked this easy preparation, be sure to learn more recipes like this by reading our other articles.

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